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Goldstein Jones LLP is a New York based law firm with an international clientele. We operate in the heart of global business and with a principal focus on tax issues both in the international and multi-state arenas. We are confident that our New York expatriate tax attorneyes are uniquely positioned in a number of ways to represent your interests both now and in the future. Feel free to contact us for an initial consultation.

Our state and local tax group is exceptionally qualified to assist with your New York State and New York City tax issues. Our lawyers represent clients in New York State and New York City tax audits and tax appeals. We are highly focused on contesting and proactively advising on New York State and New York City income tax resident and domicile matters for high net worth individuals and nonresident income allocation and sourcing. We also focus on commercial rent tax, real estate transfer tax, sales and use tax, business income tax, hotel occupancy tax, employment taxes and unclaimed property matters (especially unclaimed property compliance) for multinational and middle market businesses. We advise and assist taxpayers with voluntary disclosure and compliance applications. If you are not in compliance with the tax laws we can help you get back into compliance.

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Accomplishments for Our Clients

Successfully implemented international tax planning for an individual executive resulting in federal and state tax savings of $3,000,000.

Obtained a $2,000,000 New York State personal income tax refund for the retired chief operating officer of a major multinational corporation.

Represented a multinational bank in Tax Court to obtain a $1m income tax refund.

Represented the Chief Operating Officer of a Nutrition and Healthcare Company in amending (and successfully defending upon audit) incorrect tax returns prepared by former service provider, thereby generating refunds of $500,000.

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