Accomplishments for Our Clients

  • Drafted short and long-term international assignment tax policies, workflow procedures and stakeholder tax resources for a significant and evolving global mobility program.

  • Obtained a $2,000,000 New York State personal income tax refund for the retired chief operating officer of a major multinational corporation.

  • Successfully represented the chief operating officer of a major insurance company in a New York State income tax audit.

  • Represented a multinational bank in Tax Court to obtain a $1m income tax refund.

  • Represented the Chief Operating Officer of a Nutrition and Healthcare Company in amending (and successfully defending upon audit) incorrect tax returns prepared by former service provider, thereby generating refunds of $500,000.

  • Successfully negotiated a settlement of corporation income tax liability for a multinational retail corporation.

  • Negotiated a voluntary disclosure agreement related to New York State sales and use taxes on behalf of a major publisher of professional books and reference materials.

  • Successfully and discreetly resolved New York City personal income tax issues of the General Counsel of a multinational bank.

  • Successfully and discreetly represented the Chief Operating Officer of a Dow Jones Industrial Component multinational corporation in a New York State and New York City personal income tax audit.

  • Key advisor to a major shipping company in producing a cross-border restructuring of hundreds of millions of dollars of capital investment which enabled the company to expand its business into terminal operations and logistics services.

  • Designed and implemented significant tax planning strategies for a multimillion dollar venture capital group resulting in tax savings in the millions for its owners.

  • Served as the primary advisor to a multibillion dollar Japanese-owned investment company during the successful reorganization of its U.S. operations resulting in the avoidance of tens of millions of dollars of taxes on the transaction.

  • Utilized selected tax strategies to obtain material state and local tax savings for a medical device manufacturer in multiple state tax jurisdictions.

  • Guided many large clients through significant tax controversies with the IRS and state taxing authorities that eliminated or reduced tax and penalties in the tens of millions of dollars. Issues have included such matters as complex tax reorganization rules, evolving standards of penalty imposition, tribunal procedural problems and many others.

  • Negotiated successful outcomes for clients with the IRS over major transfer pricing disputes, including cost-sharing arrangements, saving clients many millions of dollars.

  • Provided advice to a foreign-owned pharmaceutical company that resulted in a tax-efficient organization for its international joint venture with a major U.S. partner involving the launch of a major new drug with investments by the parties of hundreds of millions of dollars.
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